Skulls Year Round:

When it comes to skulls, I’m immediately drawn to them.  To me, there’s something sexy about them and unmorbid.  While many brands associate them solely with Halloween, I consider them a year round way to decorate a home or adorn your body.  Halloween is just another excuse to find more things for my collection.  Here are a couple of ways I have them displayed in my house, along with a few other favorites I’ve found.


The solution to only finding 3 place card holders at a store…


This ceramic tray was a steal. I paired it with my favorite Archipelago mini soy candles.


Kosta Boda votives: I love these on a bookshelf situated next to other found objects.

Skull ice cubes:    What better way to captivate your guests’ attention??

Cocktail napkins: These are majorly on sale and provide just the right amount of bling.

Soul Cycle tank:  Just looking at this gets me excited to frequent Soul again, post baby.

Joomi Lim necklace: This statement necklace mixes materials and definitely makes a statement, but I sort of love how the skulls aren’t that prominent.



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Luxe Sneaks:

vince black

Sneakers are not necessarily a type of shoe that’s synonymous with luxury, except in the case of Vince’s Nyack Fur High Tops.  They not only look rich, but are comfortable (like the sneakers that they are) and provide warmth in the winter (rabbit lined).  They’re my Winter equivalent to my Summer Supergas.  I’ll be spending the next hour on my couch, curled up under a blanket, staring at the foliage and debating which pair to go with–the gray suede or black leather.  Decisions, decisions…

vince gray

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Paint It Black:

dining 1


dining 2

Sometimes the simplest solution to transitioning a home accessory you already own and don’t love, to one you own and do love, comes down to changing the color.  I moved to our house with two sets of Michael Aram red lacquer coral candlesticks that I previously had in our city apartment.  While I loved the look of them in theory, in actuality they went with nothing in my house.  I sprayed them a matte black which makes them feel brand new to me, but they also now look great on my table and saved me a lot of money!  The trick is to use a permanent spray, and to buy more cans then you think you may need.  Even for small items, to properly cover the surfaces and give them two coats, two cans of spray paint may be required.  Happy transitioning!



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Sharing Is Caring:

It’s that time again!  Shopbop is having another one of its infamous sales, and this time it’s 25% off everything…starting tomorrow morning!  Enter FAMILY25 at check out.  In case you’re wondering what I’ve got my eye on, click on my picks below.








The Everything Pants:






After attending an Old Navy press appointment a couple of seasons ago, I scored what I now view as one of my most versatile pairs of pants.  They’re non-maternity and are just as comfy.  These Drapey Cinched Pants come in various colors (and a print), and a plethora of sizes.  They’re super cute with flats, heels or even a pair of Supergas or Chuck Taylors.  The key for me while being pregnant is that they don’t pinch in the waist, and the bigger my belly gets, the lower I can pull the waist band down–not something you can easily do with other pants!  The icing on the cake is that they’re less than $30 a pop!

Vest: (similar here)/ Pants: Old Navy/ Smoking Slippers: Yosi Samra (updated version here)



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