Mules Loafers:

gucci black

gucci hair

I’ve been ogling these Gucci Princetown Loafers lined with kangaroo fur because not only are they insanely cool looking, but they’re practical.  Let’s be honest, almost every day I have a near miss where I’m about to leave the house and I luckily realize I still have slippers on my feet.  At least with these you can go straight from shuffling around inside to traipsing around outside, all while feeling like you still have your bedroom slippers on.  But what got me even more excited this week was discovering that Gucci makes these in a plain mule loafer sans fur version for the Springtime.  They have the same signature horse bit, and in fact are identical to the fur-lined ones, just minus the fur.  Pair these puppies with skinny jeans or cut-off shorts and you’re ready to rock.   These just skyrocketed to the top of my lust list.


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More often than not, undergarments and PJs are not the things we typically give much consideration to.  We wear them every day yet they’re usually not top of mind…although maybe they should be? Naked has revolutionized the way that that we sleep and go about our daily lives.  I swear I’ve never slept in a nightgown (or rather henley style sleepshirt) before that’s this comfy.  It feels like your favorite button-down/henley but made for sleeping.  The material is a super soft cotton with a lot of Spandex added to the mix.  And let’s not forget the guys this Valentine’s Day.  These have been put to the test and passed with flying colors.  The Essential Boxer Briefs (pictured above) are made of the same cotton stretch breathable fabric as my sleepshirt.  They stay put, won’t ride up and are worth the investment.




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Introducing The Hadry:


A lot of interesting products across my emails and doorstep on an almost regular basis, but when I received the Hadry it stopped me in my tracks.  Dear friend, Erica Diamond (inventor, TV personality, social media influencer and basically my family in Montreal), created this concept that finally came to fruition from a light that went off in her head.  After seeing a woman in a shower cap swimming with her child in a pool the seed was planted.  Fast forward and welcome Hadry!

My longing-for-vacation-self can’t wait to put this bad boy to use hopefully soon (grandparents, step up to watch the kids!), and my Summer-loving-self will be living in this contraption at the beach.  It’s quite simple and rather ingenious.  For the first time ever and in a chic fashion, you can “spare your hair” while swimming in the pool or ocean, or even in just exposing your hair to the sun. Hadry uses an innovative fabric to protect hair from all of these elements.  It comes in the Hadry Scarf and Hadry Bun, the Scarf variation being my favorite in that it pays homage to the 60’s (which I tend to channel in my Summer wardrobe).


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Vintage T:



Pile on necklaces of different lengths…

unnamed-14Sometimes I’m just not in the mood to get all dressed up for dinner.  On Friday night I even kept on the vintagey T I was wearing all day and made it apropos for night.  I paired it with a couple of necklaces, my skinny jeans and a pair of over-the-knee boots.  To make it a teensy more formal (although let’s be honest, I was at the local sushi joint), I topped it with a faux fur jacket.

T-shirt: vintage (similar here)/ Jeans: Rag & Bone/ Boots: similar here/ Necklaces: custom & Chanel


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Mind Your Mittens:

mind your mittens

My latest mani color is Essie’s Mind Your Mittens,  Even though it’s from the 2013 collection I never saw it before–or maybe I was just never in the market for a black/blue/teal sort of color!  I’m loving this.

Love coordinating your polish with your clothing and accessories?  Here are some of my favorites in this colorway.


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