Diet Coke x cocoincashmere:


These slip-on canvas sneakers can be worn with anything…including a linen suit for a casual wedding (which Devin purchased).


White jeans were a style that Devin was hesitant but open to trying. After coming out of the fitting room he was hooked.



If you’re in Soho and are a skull lover like myself, you must pop into the Converse store to check out this recent creation.

On Saturday I spent the better part of the day with the winner of a contest sponsored by Diet Coke.  Part of his prize was that he got flown into NYC (from Texas) and got to go shopping with a stylist (me!).  Devin brought along his sister for the ride and so graciously bought her a few things to enhance her wardrobe, too.  I mapped out various stores to hit up in Soho and we conquered all of them.  The ones that proved to be a success were H&M, Banana Republic, Onassis, and  J.Crew.  What was especially fun for me was suggesting styles that are outside the box (and the small town that Devin resides in) and having Devin not only try them on but embrace them with open arms–a dream client!

Here are some takeaways for the guys this season:

White Jeans: Devin bought these and the fit was impeccable.

Slip-On Sneakers: H&M had a great pair (as pictured) that were under $25.

Army Jacket: Banana Republic Heritage collection had THE perfect one.

Denim Jacket: This isn’t the easiest trend to pull off but it’s a cool looking one when done right (paired with a different shade of denim jeans or white jeans).





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Wish list Wedges:

One of my friend’s happened to have mentioned today in passing that she’s in the market for a pair of black wedges for Summer.  Me being me, while doing my usual daily research online, I came across the perfect pair from Badgley Mischka.  The Glenna Espadrilles  have a 5″ heel height, but being that they’re wedges they’re actually comfortable.  They come as small as a size 5.5 and go up to a size 10, and come in silver and gold too.  You know what they say, when you find something you’ll live in, buy one of each color!






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The Everything Tunic:

jcrew tunic

I’m obsessed with this J.Crew Awning-Stripe Tunic.   Pair it with boyfriend jeans,   cutoffs or as a coverup over a bathing suit.  It also doesn’t hurt that right now it’s 30% off.  Winner winner!


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Turks 2015:

pink skirt


The rehearsal dinner was a white party…and right up my alley.


I lived in these sheer pants that come in black and white.


The airport “bar”.

This was not my first rodeo.  I went with my husband a few years ago to Turks and Caicos on our “babymoon”.  This was, however, my first time going for a wedding…and not being pregnant…and leaving two kids behind for a long weekend.  If you know me, you know that this vacation was very much needed.  I hit my breaking point juggling everything while adjusting to my new life of being a mom to two, in the burbs, while simultaneously blogging and styling and having few if any hands to help me.  I may have really cracked had I not taken a few days breather in the sun to think about nothing, eat anything and recharge everything.  I got to sleep past 7 am, work out every morning (a commodity for me with my schedule) and have more than a couple of cocktails, because let’s face it, hangovers just don’t happen on vacation.

A few of my vacay highlights:

Dining at Coco Bistro:  And no, I didn’t choose this spot because of its name!  The food is out of this world and the ambiance can’t be beat, outside in nature.

Beach House and Blue Haven:  We stayed in a gorgeous 1 bedroom (with a kitchen, washer and dryer, living room and beautiful balcony) at Blue Haven, where the wedding was.   The rehearsal dinner and ceremony were on the beach at Beach House, the sister property.  Both are two totally different feels but equally beautiful.

I started and finished reading The Girl On The Train.  Overall it was a pretty decent book, but sort of predictable.  The important part for me though was that I actually picked up a book, one of my favorite things to do, that I just never get to do.

I finally got to wear some of my favorite warm weathered outfits that I haven’t seen for a couple of years.  Last Summer I was pregnant, so it felt nice to pull them out of the archives.

If you’re visiting Turks, know that on your way home there’s that last little sliver of vacation that can be found on the aiport rooftop “bar”, aka shack that sells Turks Head beer (Thanks Mike S. for the tip).  Hey, it’s better than waiting inside to board!




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Cozy Must Haves:

I’ve come across a few more of my favorite Alternative Apparel cozy pieces of clothing that are wardrobe essentials that will be making their way into my repertoire.  Comfort meets fashion with all three of these styles.

Jogger Printed Eco Fleece Pants:  These are a camo take on AA’s classic sweats.  Skinny enough at the bottom to be tucked into boots or worn with your Birks in the Summer.


camo pants


Drape Burnout Top:  This is my all time favorite neckline to wear.   It’s lower than a scoop and super flattering.  The drapey style looks best paired with skinny jeans.  It comes in ash heather gray, dirty heather and oatmeal heather (a lighter version of the dirty heather).

ash heather gray

dirty heather

oatmeal heather

Santa Cruz Romper: I’ll be living in this all Summer.  It’s charcoal gray trimmed in a lighter gray.  The keyhole back is positioned high enough that you can still wear an undergarment without it showing.

santa cruz romper