Tom’s For Target:

toms for target

I’ve never fancied myself much of a poncho girl, but after seeing this Tom’s For Target collab, I’m obsessed.  It reminds me of a Ralph Lauren runway look.  This “poncho” is more like a yummy blanket topper that drapes so perfectly over your shoulders, instead of one that goes over your head (and in my opinion, that’s the unflattering kind).  The collection unveils on November 16th, so get online or pop into your local Target soon.  The silver lining of it all?  Every time a poncho is purchased a blanket will be donated to somebody in need.  Seems like the best $28 bucks you’ll be spending!



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Countdown Mode:

2 weeks

It really hit me this weekend that I now have less than two weeks until we get to meet the newest Weiss addition.  All of a sudden it seems like time is speeding up and any day, hour, minute or second this baby will be here.  SCARY!  I jumped into full on doing mode (despise the term “nesting”) and picked up some last minute things and placed some 2-day delivery orders online.  I feel a little better now that I’m (slightly) more prepared…but at the end of the day, what’s gonna be is gonna be!

For starters, because we’re being surprised on the gender, I was going to figure out the sheet and bedskirt situation after the baby comes and just use a white crib sheet I have for the time being (let’s face it, the baby only sleeps on those quilted pads you tie on the crib anyway), but instead decided why not order two different sets of Serena & Lily bedding on, and whichever colorway I don’t use I’ll just return (gotta love Diapers).

girl s&l

boy s&l

I figured out which accessories not only will make the room look cute but will also be highly functional.  This Jonathan Adler nightlight is my all time favorite.  Colette has the giraffe version.  It’s also one of my go-to baby gifts to give.


Decorative pillows are an inexpensive way to transform a room and add a bit of color.  I have Serena & Lily’s Diamond Pillows on a couple of chairs in my house, and now the baby’s room will be no exception.  Plum if it’s a girl and turquoise if it’s a boy.




Tomorrow’s to-do list includes choosing paint colors for the room.  If you have any suggestions send them my way!



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Made To Honor:


After realizing that this baby can actually arrive any day now, I decided that it was time to have the remnants from my DIY Master Plan mani removed.  I opted for something light and sheer (always in the market for a good sheer nude hue) and chose Essie’s Made To Honor.  This is a great basic color for any season that will wear relatively well–which is key as I don’t know what the next couple of weeks will entail!



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Black And Blue:


This deal from Ann Taylor is too good not to share with you.  I’m a big fan of the navy and black combo and the silhouette of this sweater “topper” that’s somewhere in between a vest and short-sleeved sweater.  The best part though?  It’s now on sale for $39 (insert exclaims).  It’s adorable worn over a long sleeved t-shirt, a chambray denim button-down or even a LBD.  Happy shopping!


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Gray Malin:

I’ve seen his work here and there and never gave it too much thought (except that I loved everything I saw)–that is, until I actually had walls to fill with artwork.  I’m now obsessed with looking at Gray Malin’s artwork online and envisioning which piece would go where perfectly in my house (I would be thrilled to even own one oversized print that I can frame).   I was unsure if Gray was a guy or girl until yesterday, but here’s a cute little video to clarify that.

Part of the reason I’m drawn to the photographs is that while they depict actual people and places, it’s the sentiment and memory that stays with me…like the Hamptons beaches, or dreaming of going to Australia, or getting to Texas to see the Prada store installation.  These pieces of artwork really can transport you.

I found many of my favorite prints discounted on One Kings Lane, too.  Click below!

bondi swimmers

coney island

Prada Hitchhiker






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