One Clique, Totally Exclusive:

one clique

one clique 2


New York City based company, One Clique, is revolutionizing the way we think about separates–when it comes to our heels that is.  The pre-sale is going on now, and the collection officially launches on October 15th (but pick out a pair now and purchase them in advance).  Each separate ranges from $44-54.  The collection includes 17 uppers and 20 bottoms that can be mixed to create 340 different combos.  How’s that for customization?  My personal favorite is the Alex upper  in black and the Reese heel in camel, creating a very 70′s chic vibe.

Next time you’re on the hunt for that “perfect” pair of heels, and you think it doesn’t exist–think again!

Pre-order at



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Layerable Pieces:

I’m a big believer in mixing metals and layering multiple necklaces.  I tend to keep on my solitaire encased in rose gold even when I wear my silver dog tag necklace or a yellow gold chain.  Always on the hunt for layerable pieces, I recently discovered these three from Pamela Love that I’m loving (pun intended).

Mini Arrowhead Pendant Necklace in Bronze

shark tooth

Serpent Pendant Necklace in Bronze

serpent bronze

Serpent Pendant in Silver

serpent silver





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Arhaus Has Become My House:




The move from a teeny Tribeca apartment into a house has been an adjustment.  You have to learn the neighborhood, the restaurants, all the service providers (I now have “a guy” for everything) and of course the people.  Although on that front I appear to be lucky as I have met some wonderful ladies up here.  But one of the most daunting tasks—albeit a fun one—has been trying to furnish and decorate the house.

We are going through that process one room at a time and, not surprisingly, we started with our “den”.  We started before we even moved in by looking for a couch.  Anyone who has shopped for a couch, so I guess that means everyone, has been through this Goldilocks process; some are too hard, some are too soft, some are too shallow, some are too deep.  Luckily, we found one that was just right, the Emory Three Piece Sectional from Arhaus, a store I had of course heard of but never before visited–it’s amazing.  Not only is the couch huge, but its soft and yet firm, and the material reminds me of a Chanel tweed jacket.

Next, we needed an outdoor table so we could take advantage of the end of summer.  We looked around and couldn’t find anything we liked, principle because we wanted something different than that ornamental metal that seems so pervasive.  Once I again I found myself at Arhaus.  We got the Stuart set with grey cushions which picks up the colors inside.  That was important for us because we have two French doors that lead out from the den onto the deck.

Moving back into the den, we spent the better part of a month hunting for an accent chair, rug and coffee table.  The rug and the table proved the hardest challenges.  One night, however, I was checking emails and saw one from Arhaus.  I went to the site and within 10 minutes had decorated the rest of the room with the Marciano Grey Rug , a Bingham Grey Chair and the Buchon Coffee Table.  (A little self shout-out, the painting seen behind the chair is an LBW original; 1 of 1.)

Tonight, when I sat down on my couch to think about what to post, I put my feet up on my table, while my daughter rolled around on our rug and I reflected “Arhaus”, more like “my house”, and thought I would share my discovery with all of you in the hope that it may help someone out there make the transition from 850 square feet just a little bit easier.

NYC location: 410 W. 13th Street (212) 337-9853




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Crepe & Lace:

Ann Taylor

It’s no secret that I love a great deal.  This Crepe Colorblock Lace Top from Ann Taylor fits exactly into that category–it’s currently 50% off. I love the jewel neck that continues from front to back, and the black and white colorway.  I’m also kind of obsessed with the way the lace looks with leather leggings.  With just days left of Summer, and the brisk days that have already set in, this outfit has me in the mood for Fall.


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Tangle Teaser:

tangle teaser

The only time I ever brush my hair is right after the shower while it’s still wet, before the waves emerge.  My brush of choice was the Wet Brush, until I heard about the Tangle Teaser.  My Wet Brush wasn’t cutting it any longer–the balls at the ends of the bristles were coming off (inherently damaging my hair), and after brushing  for what felt like minutes it only seemed to get knottier.  NO fun there.  I decided to splurge on my $9.99 brush and give it a shot.  The verdict? I’m thoroughly impressed and now I feel like my hair will only get healthier from here on out.  I think the reason that it works so well has a lot to do with the shape and the lack of tugging that innately occurs from the no-handle silhouette.  Regardless of the mechanics behind it, I’m just happy to now have it in my life.


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