Blogging From Nature:

Coco pond

coco pond 2


Not only is blogging fun, and sometimes cathartic, but there’s an element of consistency there.  As long as you have the internet you can do it from anywhere.  For me, that’s been pretty important since moving to an actual home just six days ago.  Few things in my life are consistent right now, but a big one is the fact that I can write.

Overall, I’m excited about the change, the decorating possibilities (many posts to come on that front), and the space, but it’s also pretty daunting.  There’s something to be said about only decorating one big room, a doorman to give your packages to and a handyman that you can call 24 hours a day.  I’m sure the pros of moving out of the city will soon outweigh the cons, especially with two kids, but right now it’s still a learning process, and a scary one at that.  GPS has been my best friend (I have a horrible sense of direction, but I sadly even used it to get to the park three minutes from our house).  I learned yesterday that there’s a Target with an outdoor parking lot and an A&P next to it to boot, way closer than the bustling one in an overly crowded mall that required me to park in an enclosed garage and pay by meter (and of course I entered in the wrong spot number when paying–you’re welcome spot 1189).  Thank goodness for my friendly and extremely helpful neighbor who gave me the scoop on all of the delivery food options and helped fill our playroom with even more toys for Colette.  My grill has gotten a lot of use, and sitting outside on our decks, immersed in nature, is slowly becoming the new norm.  I’m getting used to the sounds the frogs in our pond make, and have daily crane sightings.  It’s absolutely stunning.  It’s just weird, and a big adjustment coming from a concrete jungle where everything was at my fingertips, any time of day, any day of the week.

That being said, this home has provided me with lots of ammunition for blog topics;  from the best vacuum cleaner and living room furniture to the most comfortable slippers to run all around in.  Lots to come. Wish me luck!

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Entertaining Made Easy:



I was introduced to the talented and personable Paula Hankin of Clueless in the Kitchen a few years back and have since been a fan of her “easy to make” recipes.  If you’re ready to drool, check out her instagram food shots (@paulabhankin).  I usually gravitate towards the kids recipes (who would ever think to combine avocado and strawberries on a sandwich?), but since I’m now a home owner, all I can think about is entertaining.  Paula has reinvented a popular classic in her Avocado Caprese.  And it’s suuuper simple!

1) Half the avocado and scoop out the pit (the easiest way to remove the pit is by chopping a knife into the pit so that it sticks and then gently     pull the entire pit out).

2) Toss mini mozzarella balls, cut cherry tomatoes and chopped basil  in a bowl with extra virgin  olive oil, and a dash of salt and pepper.

3.) Put the mixture back inside the avocado and it’s ready to be served.

Hungry yet?!


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Special Delivery:


When I bought this tuxedo vest from Nordstrom, I didn’t know how it would look in person and if the material would be cheap or luxe.  It arrived tonight and I couldn’t be more satisfied.  The price is right ($78), the length is perfect, and it’s an ideal (and flattering, even while being pregnant!) topper over an elongated tank now or a long sleeve t-shirt when it gets cooler.  I’ll of course do a post on this so you can see how it looks on, once I locate my camera that I prematurely packed away in one of my God knows how many boxes for my move.

 Vest: Halogen

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Crochet On A Shoestring:


How good is this lace crochet top? I love it for so many reasons, but a main one being that it’s $15! Yes, you read that right.  Sort of hard to believe.  And it comes in other pastels besides this lemon yellow.  Choose the black for a more intense night out look.  I’m loving the yellow and lilac paired with a long white maxi skirt or white cutoff shorts– boho chic at its best.  You’re welcome!


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Black, White & A Touch Of Floral:

bw 1

bw 2

bw 4

bw 5

On my walk home today I stumbled upon a little secret garden.  Thalassa, on Franklin Street, has an influx of fresh flowers and potted plants outside.  I was stopped in my tracks because seeing lush greenery isn’t really the norm in this city.  How perfectly apropos though, as I was wearing my floral sunnies.

Shirt: Alternative Apparel (contact for discounted shirts)/ Jeans: similar here/ Sandals: Birkenstock/ Messenger Bag: Mulberry/ Sunnies: Dolce & Gabbana (similar here)



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