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Without bragging (too much), I was asked to do one of the coolest giveaways and interviews in all of cocoincashmere’s existence.  I had the opportunity to interview Nina Garcia (fun fact, my first job out of college was being her second assistant) of Project Runway fame and also to give away THE winning dress from tonight’s finale to one of my lucky readers!  Pretty damn cool, right?!  To all you striving designers, read below to see Nina’s answers to my questions.

Now on to the nitty gritty.  How do you win the one-of-a-kind dress that will be gracing the runway tonight?  Simply leave a comment on this post telling me what your individual style is and you’ll be entered to win a piece of fashion history.

*I will be picking the winner at random after midnight on Monday.



What has been the biggest challenge on the show?

Nina Garcia:  Season 11 is the first time that every challenge has been a team challenge. This type of collaborative work can make the weakest link in every challenge very difficult to pinpoint. While it is great for drama and fun, it is also nearly impossible to make individual critiques on group work.


What has been the biggest reward on the show? 

NG:  Fostering talent is number one for me followed by sharing just how much energy—and literally, blood, sweat, and tears—go into the fashion industry.


What’s your biggest piece of advice to the winner, in order to succeed and have a lifelong career as a designer?

NG:  Be open to change without compromising your own vision. You have to be able to move forward with the times and listen to constructive criticism, but you can’t lose sight of yourself.


What are you looking in terms of being an editor when making your selection?

NG:  I look for pieces that strike the right balance between wearability and what I like to call the wow-factor. From an editorial standpoint, we like to choose pieces that are unforgettable but are still relatable to a woman’s life.


What’s the craziest thing that ever happened on set? 

NG:  There have been so many! I will never forget when Mondo revealed that he was HIV positive in Season 8. It was one of the most emotional parts of any season. He was so incredibly brave to share that with us especially having kept it inside for so long. It was also one of the realest moments in Project Runway history. Unfortunately, HIV is extremely relevant to the fashion industry. Televising this reveal was a big deal, and it will stay with me forever.


What’s your best piece of advice to aspiring designers who won’t necessarily have the opportunity to be on the show? 

NG:  Never stop learning—even the most established designers are always constantly pushing themselves to learn and know more.




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10 thoughts on “Cocoincashmere x Project Runway:

  1. I am a fashion student from Texas and I live for statement pieces. I love leather, fur, and sparkle. I hope to one day style for a fashion magazine.

  2. Jessie J R says:

    Wow this is amazing!!!! My personal style…mix of preppy and fun. Simple bottoms, bright tops, layering, big earrings! Looking forward for boho summer/spring clothes once it warms up! (PS: awesome fun fact re Nina Garcia!)

  3. andrea says:

    My style has always been eclectic with vintage mixed in – had to add comfort to top of list though once I became a mum.

  4. Kim Pham says:

    Loved reading your interview! It’s so great to learn insight from such a fashion icon. My personal style is about anchoring trendy or edgy pieces with chic classics. Currently, you’d likely find me in something with an unexpected cut-out or laser-cut design. But the one thing I can’t live without? Lots and lots of mixed metal bracelets – the more arm candy, the better!

  5. W Velzke says:

    I love classic lines in my professional wardrobe but I always add something to give a pop of energy, emotion or power. I always try to dress not just to impress, but to be true to who I am and what I represent.

  6. MC Chau says:

    What a great interview! My fashion style is timeless classics mixed with a little edge for fun! Thank you for this great post and giveaway!
    mcchaublog at gmail dot com

  7. Annemarie says:

    Loved the interview and find so much inspiration in PR; both the contestants as well as the judges. They teach us all lessons in creativity as well as how to edit a look so it is not overdone. My personal style involves finding gently worn pieces of clothing with classic lines and the unparalleled tailoring that someone on my budget cannot afford to purchase new.

  8. Kim Pincombe Cole says:

    My favorite piece of Nina’s advice is to “be open to change without compromising your own vision”. So many designers over-respond to criticism and lose the things that made them unique in the first place.
    My style is an ecletic mix of classic, bohemian and edgy. I tend to wear at least one classic/basic piece paired with something edgy, bohemian chic, etc. It’s my way of ‘editing’ my look so I don’t look like a victim to the trends.

  9. Sasha says:

    Great piece with Nina and wow, great season.

    My personal style is a tomboy with a feminine edge. I wear a lot of men’s styles but fit well to match the curves of my body. I like edgy pieces, hard pieces… but I also love color and fun.

  10. Shawn says:

    Amazing interview!! Being that I have 3 kids, this is perfect because its casual yet trendy!

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